Response example for "dir"

The result of this request is returned as an XML document which contains one <file...> tag per entry found in the targeted directory.

Response example
<stat directory="/dir1/dir2">
    <file type="file" name="file.html" mtime="1260000000" size="1234567" md5="0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef" />
    <file type="symlink" name="symlink.html" mtime="1260000000" target="file.html" />
    <file type="dir" name="dir3" mtime="1260000000" />
Note: Consider the following when using this action:
  • What is revealed above is for example purposes only.
  • A dir action is an advanced form of the stat action, that reveals detailed information on a specified directory. By comparison the actual stat action is used to target a specific directory, file, or symlink to reveal a limited set of information
  • You must support the appropriate XML escaping for object names that include characters such as a quote ( " ) and an ampersand ( & ).