Usage differences for the "rmdir" action

The "rmdir" action has usage differences between FileStore (NS3) and ObjectStore (NS4).

Replication semantics

Your content in NetStorage is replicated on a regular basis across multiple regions in order to back it up and protect it. With this in mind, the following applies to deletion of a directory with rmdir:

  • FileStore: Only empty directories can be deleted. When a directory is deleted via rmdir, and replication is out of sync, by the time the replication completes, FileStore will recursively delete everything from all other regions that have a timestamp that is older than the directory targeted by the rmdir.
  • ObjectStore: Only Explicit directories can be deleted (by definition, an Implicit directory isn’t actually empty, so it can not be deleted). Since all paths are independent in ObjectStore, if an empty directory was targeted by rmdir in your local region, but that same directory still contained files in other replication regions, the other regions’ instances of the directory then be seen as Implicit (and associated with their still existing files as such).