NetStorage Usage API

NetStorage is a managed product that provides persistent, replicated storage of your content, including images, streaming media files, software, documents, and other digital objects. By mirroring content to a small number of core network locations, content is highly available and easily accessible to our Edge servers. This makes NetStorage a great complement to our delivery products.

About the API

The Usage Application Programming Interface (API) provides various HTTP methods you can use to manage your NetStorage content. Communication is conducted via the Edge network using a HTTP(S) client of your own design. The client could be a web-based browser or scripted tools integrated with your content management system so long as each request provides the required NetStorage HTTP headers. With it, you can perform operations such as uploading, deleting, and listing of content, thus providing you another option for interfacing with your NetStorage account. HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be used.

This diagram shows the relationship between the HTTP(S) API and other CMS protocols