The "X-Akamai-ACS-Auth-Data" authentication header

X-Akamai-ACS-Auth-Data: [version], [], [], [time], [unique-id], [Key-name]

This is the first required header, and is referred to as "[signature header 1]" throughout this documentation. The information required for each of its variable values is described in the following table:

Field Description
[version] This Indicates the authentication encryption format.
[] This is a reserved field. Specify as " ".
[time] 1 The current epoch time. (For example, this would be "1497896370" for Monday, June 19, 2017 11:19:30.)
[unique-id] This is a unique ID chosen by the client with some randomness that will guarantee uniqueness for multiple headers generated at the same time for multiple requests.
[Key-name] The name ("Id") of an upload account provisioned to access the target storage group serves as the Key-name. It can be gathered from the Control Center (and is discussed here). This value must not contain special characters such as commas and spaces.
1 The [time] on a client using the API must be within one (1) minute of the actual time. If the time varies more than this, then authentication will fail with an “HTTP 403” error. It is suggested that any client using the API run “ntp” (Network Time Protocol) to properly establish time