Files and directories can use the same name

All path names within an ObjectStore (NS4) storage group are treated completely independently. This means that a file and directory that exist in the same parent can use the same name.

Internally with ObjectStore (NS4) all directories end with a trailing slash (“/”). It is added automatically when creating a directory, and removed in command results. (For example, this would occur if you view directory contents via the “lls” command in SFTP.) A particular object name that does not end with a trailing “/” may be a file or a symlink, but not a directory. An object name that ends with a trailing “/” may be either an explicit directory, a file, or a symlink, and in addition to being a file or symlink, this same object name may also represent an implicit directory.

Note: Certain protocols do not support the inclusion of same-name files and sub-directories in the same parent directory, when targeting an ObjectStore (NS4) storage group. If this exception applies, it is discussed in the relevant protocol's section of the NetStorage - User Guide.