The "stat" action (NS3)

You can return a stat structure (information) for a named file, symlink or directory with the "stat" action in FileStore (NS3).

Tip: This action offers limited information when targeting a directory. For detailed information use the dir action.
GET /[CP Code]/[path]/[target object] HTTP/1.1 
Host: [Domain Prefix] 
X-Akamai-ACS-Action: version=1&action=stat&format=xml
[Signature Header 1]
[Signature Header 2]

Required variables

Variable values are as follows:

  • [CP code]: The unique CP code that represents the root directory in the applicable NetStorage storage group.
  • [path]: If applicable, any additional sub-directories that exist in the path to the desired object.
  • [target object]: The name of the object to be targeted (including the file extension if targeting a file).
  • [Domain Prefix]: This is the unique domain prefix set up for the storage group during its creation. It can be viewed in the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center.
  • [Signature Header 1] and [Signature Header 2]: Applicable signature headers.
Note: If the specified object does not exist, an HTTP 404 “Not Found” error is returned.