Response examples for "stat"

The result of this request is returned as an XML document.

The following XML formats are returned depending on the type of item targeted:

File example

<stat directory="/dir1/dir2"> 
    <file type="file" name="file.html" mtime="1260000000" size="1234567" md5="0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef" /> 

Symbolic link example

<stat directory="/dir1/dir2"> 
    <file type="symlink" name="symlink.html" mtime="1260000000" target="file.html" /> 

Directory example

<stat directory="/123456/dir1/dir2"> 
    <file type="dir" name="dir3" mtime="1260000000" /> 
Note: Be sure to support the standard XML quoting rules for attributes in which case a filename includes characters such as a quote ( " ) or an ampersand ( & ).

Implicit directory example

The mtime value is not provided for implicit directories. See the dir action if your workflow requires mtime.

<stat directory=""> 
    <file type="dir" name="123456/" implicit="true" /> 
Note: The stat action uses the implicit=yes argument to examine directories, though targeting the root directory will always say it exists, either explicitly or implicitly.