Explicit directories and "delete"

You can target explicit directories for deletion in ObjectStore (NS4) storage groups.

In ObjectStore (NS4), you can target an explicit directory for deletion, by including the precise path to it, and ending with a trailing forward slash. (This indicates that the actual directory is the target of the delete—/uploads/files/ will delete the files subdirectory). If the specified directory is not empty, it will become an implicit directory (and be associated as such with all file contents). For example, the following files exist along the same path of explicit directories:

  • /uploads/new/file1.ext
  • /uploads/new/file2.ext

If the explicit directory, /new was targeted for delete, its file contents, file1.ext and file2.ext would then reside in /uploads/, with new/ associated with each as an implicit directory.

Note: Implicit directories do not physically exist. Deletion of the file(s) associated with an implicit directory will remove references to it.