Use the UI to provision API access

Access to the API is enabled via the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center. You must enable this access via an upload account configured to administer the storage group you wish to access.

Before you begin

You need to be logged in to Control Center ( with an account that has been configured for NetStorage use. Talk to your local NetStorage administrator, or your Account Representative for assistance.

Provision for an ObjectStore (NS4) storage group

  1. Open the application. Go to > CDN > NetStorage.
  2. Select the Upload Accounts entity.
  3. Locate the applicable upload account in the table and click it to open it in detail view. (If you know it, you can type the account's name ("Id") in the Filter field to limit results in this table.)
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Scroll down to the Access Methods content panel and click the NetStorage HTTP API tab.
  6. Click the + Add or Rotate HTTP API Key, and click Yes in the window to confirm.

A valid key is automatically generated and applied to the account. This key is used in calls issued to the API. You can copy it for use by clicking the Copy Key () button in the Actions column.

After you add a new HTTP API Key, you can copy it for use

Provision for an FileStore (NS3) storage group

Note: You must configure an SSH or FTP access method before enabling HTTP API access for an NS3 storage group.
  1. Open the application. Go to > CDN > NetStorage.
  2. Click on the Storage Groups tab and locate the Name in the table. Take note of the associated Upload Directory.
  3. Click on the Upload Accounts tab in the NetStorage menu.
  4. Enter the noted "Upload Directory" into the Filter to identify the assigned upload accounts.
  5. Select the ... drop-down and select Edit.
  6. Scroll down to NetStorage API Access item and click the Enable NetStorage API link.
  7. Click OK to confirm.

Access to the API is enabled, but the account must complete propagation (which can take upwards of 120 minutes). Once complete, you will receive an email notification, and you can access the API with this account.