Gather information for the API

Various values associated with the storage group and an associated upload account are required for use in calls made to the API. This information can be gathered from the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center.

Before you begin

You need to be logged in to Control Center ( with an account that has been configured for NetStorage use. Talk to your local NetStorage administrator, or your account representative for assistance.

Gather details for API usage

  1. Open the application. Go to > CDN > NetStorage.
  2. Select the Upload Account entity.
  3. Locate the upload account in which you've enabled the NetStorage HTTP API, and click it to open Detail View.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Make note of the following values:
    • The Upload Account Name: This is revealed as the "Id" in the Upload Account Details content panel. (This is referred to as the Key-name when used in the API.)
    • The HTTP API Key: This is revealed in the NetStorage HTTP CMS API tab in the Access Methods content panel. You can click the Copy Key () button to copy the key to your clipboard. (This is referred to as the key when used in the API.)
    • The Storage Group Name: This is revealed in the second column of the table in the Upload Directory Association content panel.
The API connection hostname

Your API connection hostname is [Domain Prefix], and can be found in the UI as follows:

  1. Select the Storage Groups entity.
  2. Input the Storage Group Name you noted above, in the Filter field.
  3. Click its entry in the table to open Detail View.
  4. In the Storage Group Details section, make note of the NetStorage HTTP API entry. (This is referred to as the "Connection Hostname" and it is used in each API call.)
The NetStorage HTTP API Domain Name displayed for a selected Storage Group