Usage differences for the "mkdir" action

The "mkdir" action has usage differences between FileStore (NS3) and ObjectStore (NS4).

Files and directories with the same name

  • FileStore: Not Supported — A file and a directory that exist within the same parent can not have the same name. •
  • ObjectStore: All path names are treated independently of all other path names. Therefore, files and sub-directories within the same parent can use the same names.

Trailing slashes ("/") in directory names

  • FileStore: Not Supported. — “/” can only exist as path separators.
  • ObjectStore: Since a traditional file system is not in place, any number of trailing slashes can be included at the end of a directory name in a path.

Periods in Directory Names

  • FileStore: Not Supported. A period can only exist as a “filename.extension” separator for a file.
  • ObjectStore: Periods are supported for use at the start of a directory name, and any number can be used. This includes naming the directory only using periods (e.g., a directory could be named “.new” or “...”). This applies to both Explicit and Implicit directories.

Non-existent directories in a specified path

  • FileStore: When a path is specified, if any sub-directory along that path does not currently exist, FileStore will create it as a physical directory.
  • ObjectStore: The final directory noted in the path will be created as an Explicit (physical) directory. However, any non-existent directory within that path will be set up as an Implicit directory, and will be associated as such with the newly created Explicit directory