The "stat" action (NS4)

You can return stat structure (information) for a named file, symlink or directory with the "stat" action in ObjectStore (NS4).

Tip: This action offers limited information when targeting a directory. For detailed information use the dir action.
GET /[CP Code]/[path]/[target object] HTTP/1.1 
Host: [Domain Prefix] 
X-Akamai-ACS-Action: version=1&action=stat&format=xml&[Optional variables]
[Signature Header 1]
[Signature Header 2]

Required variables

Variable values are as follows:

  • [CP code]: The unique CP code that represents the root directory in the applicable NetStorage Storage Group.
  • [path]: If applicable, any additional sub-directories that exist in the path to the desired object.
  • [target object]: The name of the object to be targeted (including the file extension if targeting a file).
  • [Domain Prefix]: This is the unique domain prefix set up for the storage group during its creation. It can be viewed in the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center.
  • [Signature Header 1] and [Signature Header 2]: Applicable signature headers.
Note: If the specified object does not exist, an HTTP 404 “Not Found” error is returned.

Optional action header field variables

Along with the standard action header content, the following optional fields can be included. Each must be appended to the end of the header, prefaced by an ampersand (“&”).

  • encoding=[applicable XML encoding type]: ObjectStore (NS4) supports a wider range of XML encodings for use in this action's response. Include this field to define the desired type.
  • implicit=yes: Adding this argument to the action header will look for an implicit directory that fits the specified [path].
    Note: Including this argument will result in slower output, as it requires more NetStorage resources. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that it be used sparingly.
  • slash=both: In the event of duplicate file/symlink and directory names in the same parent, ObjectStore will default to only displaying the file/symlink. Include this optional action header to have both files/symlinks and directories with the same name displayed. To differentiate entries in the response, refer to the “ file type” attribute.