Unsupported FTP commands

There are some FTP tasks that do not make sense for, and are not used in the NetStorage environment.

Command Description
Access Control Commands
acct Account—Specify a user account
rein Reinitialize—Close the user, but leave the connection open
smnt Structure Mount—Mount a new file system data structure without changing the user or account
Transfer Parameter Commands
mode Transfer Mode—Designate the mode for data transfer
  • S = Stream
  • B = Block
  • C = Compressed
stru File Structure—Designate the file structure
  • F = File (no record structure)
  • R = Record structure
  • P = Page structure
FTP Service Commands
allo Allocate—Hold space to store a file
appe Append (with create)—Store a file on the server, appending the data to the end of an existing file, or creating a new file if one does not exist