Serve from Zip

NetStorage offers a “Serve from Zip” feature that allows it to dynamically examine archive files and directly serve individual files from within them. Without this feature, an archive file would have to be completely unzipped to serve its contents, which could be a lengthy process if it contained a large number of files. Serve From Zip replaces the unzip process with an indexing command that verifies the file’s integrity and adds a hash table to facilitate locating specific files within it.

Important: Serve from Zip requires that the archive contain an index, and the filename use a “.zip” extension.
  • It eliminates the “Unzip” process. Individual files are available almost immediately.
  • File installation bottlenecks can be bypassed. Since many individual files are compressed into a single archive, this undesired slow-down can be avoided.
  • It offers single file management capability. Contents that are updated and deleted in groups can be managed as one file rather than many separate files.