Secure Copy guidelines and requirements

You should meet these requirements when using Secure Copy.

  • OpenSSH version 6.7 (or later) - For multi-threading and higher window sizes. (See additional information on the OpenSSH.)
  • High Performance Network Patches (Recommended) - These patches are applied to remove a networking bottleneck that exists in the base OpenSSH code. Additional details are available via an FAQ.
  • Is the client CPU maxing out? This is unlikely if you are using a wide-area network, but if it does happen, you can use the multi-threaded AES-CTR cipher if that meets your security needs. (This is discussed in the FAQ above.)

You must generate and apply an SSH key

This involves generating a “Private” and applying the “Public” instance of the key to an upload account that is associated with a desired storage group. The “Private” instance of the key should be saved on your local system and used when using secure access methods.

If you have already applied a key to an applicable upload account, this key can also be used. However, for added security, it is recommended that a unique key be used.

Wild cards and symlinks

When using SCP to interact with an ObjectStore storage group, these limitations apply:
  • Wild Card Notation (Globbing) is not supported