Generate the SSH key

Before you begin

You must have the Aspera Client (or an equivalent application) installed on your local system.

The Aspera Client application offers a built-in SSH Key generator. For simplicity, we recommend that you use this tool to generate a new key.

How to

  1. Launch the Aspera Client:
    • Linux (Debian/RedHat) - From a Terminal Session, issue the command, $ asperascp
    • Mac OSX - Navigate to Macintosh HD > Applications > Aspera Client.
    • Microsoft Windows - Select Start Menu > All Programs > Aspera > Client > Client, and input appropriate Administrator login credentials.
  2. Select Tools > Manage Keys...
  3. Click the " " button in the upper left corner to create a new SSH Key pair.
  4. Input the following values:
    • Identity - Input a name for the key. Both Public and Private key files will be labeled with this name.
    • Passphrase (Optional) - If desired, input a passphrase (password) to protect the key. Each time the key is used for access, this value will be requested.
    • Confirm Passphrase - Input the same value set for Passphrase (Optional).
    • Type - Set to “RSA”.
    • Access - Ensure that this checkbox de-selected
    Defining options for a new SSH key pair
    1. Click the OK button.
    2. The new key can be found in the table, with the Public instance of it displayed. Leave this window open, as it will be accessed later in the process.

What you should see

CAUTION: Individual SSH Keys can not be shared between NetStorage Upload Accounts. You must create individual, separate keys for each Upload Account that will be using Aspera Upload Acceleration.