SSH File Transfer Protocol

This is an OpenSSH-based remote file system protocol that allows for encrypted transfers and lower-level file I/O calls against the server (for example, open/read/write/close, opendir/readdir/closedir, unlink, rename, and symlink).

Secure File Transfer Protocol (“SFTP”) is also far more comprehensive than SCP (Secure Copy)—which it has largely superseded—in that you can manage your content beyond simple data transfers.

Don't confuse SFTP with FTP

Despite its name, do not confuse SFTP with the following unrelated, FTP-based protocols (that may also use their own form of security):

  • Simple File Transfer Protocol (RFC 913)
  • File Transfer Protocol (RFC 959)
  • FTP over SSH: This is FTP encapsulated inside an SSH session (this method is not supported for use with NetStorage).
  • FTP-TLS (FTPS) : This is FTP encapsulated inside an SSL/TLS session

What's the upload domain for this access method?

Each NetStorage access method has an optimized upload domain. Use <Domain name prefix> for SFTP uploads.