The “Rsync” program is a UNIX system-based tool that allows you to copy content from a local machine to a remote machine—your system to a NetStorage storage group.

This tool is particularly useful because it quickly synchronizes content by transferring only the changed files. It does not overwrite standing files you’ve already transferred. This makes it easier to simply transfer what has changed from a local copy, at the expense of extra remote read operations.

NetStorage offers support for two “versions” of Rsync:

  • Secure Rsync :With this version, you connect by resolving a Secure Shell (SSH) key pair. You then issue Rsync commands via this connection.
  • Non-secure Rsync: With this version, you create a unique password and include it for authentication when issuing Rsync commands.

What's the upload domain for this access method?

Each NetStorage access method has an optimized upload domain. Use <Domain name prefix> for rsync uploads.