File Manager

File Manager is a web-based interface to the NetStorage file-system.

Rather than using a terminal session, command prompt or a third party transfer application, you can access File Manager via the Akamai Control Center to perform all manner of file management. This includes list, move, delete and upload operations. It also allows you to create and remove directories.

How do I get setup with File Manager?

You need to associate a specific Control Center user account with an existing upload account. The user account will then have access to the upload account's storage group via File Manager. For example, you have an upload account named uploadaccount1 that is associated with the storage group storagegroup1. If you associate the Control Center user account mylunaaccount with uploadaccount1, that Control Center user account would be able to use File Manager to access storagegroup1. (And, it would have all of the access privileges and restrictions associated with uploadaccount1.