Limitations on use

File Manager is intended for convenience, not complex operations.

File Manager capabilities are limited

File Manager provides a basic UI that you can use to browse and manage content stored in NetStorage via Control Center. It is meant to be used for small and quick operations.

You should not use File Manager and instead, implement a production file upload system, if any of the following apply:

  • You need to preserve directory structures.
  • You need to traverse through complex directory trees.
  • You need to initiate large data transfers, or upload large files.
  • You need to perform other "mass operations," such a deleting or moving a large number of files.
Important: File Manager does not preserve nested sub-directory structures on upload, and nested files will reside in the top-level directory.
Note: A "production file upload system" is one you develop using the various protocols available with NetStorage, or the NetStorage Usage API.

Instructions on the setup and use of File Manager, including details on its limitations can be found in the online help available with that product. (This is accessible via the "?" buttons in the File Manager UI.)

Don't simultaneously use the File Manager UI and NetStorage

Changes made in the actual NetStorage application will not be immediately reflected in the File Manager UI, and vice versa. For example, if a file is renamed using NetStorage, the entry for it in File Manager will not be automatically updated, and attempts to access the file in the UI will be met with an error (you would need to refresh the File Manager UI--and wait for the applicable update--to reflect the change). For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you do not use both applications simultaneously.