The File Manager setup process

Applicable Control Center user accounts must be configured for access to File Manager before using the application.

Before you begin

This is a one time process — once you have configured access for a specific Control Center user account, this same access will be available each time the user logs in to Control Center.

  • The Control Center user account you wish to use must have NetStorage administrator privileges.
  • You must know the username of the Control Center user account you wish to use.
  • You must have a storage group configured for use, and you must also know its storage group name.
  • You must have an upload account configured to access this storage group, with File Manager enabled as an Access Method. You must also know its upload account name ("Id").
  • If necessary, access the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center:
    • Open the application. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage. Click the FileManager button.

How to

  1. Click the Setup FM Access button at the top of the NetStorage Groups UI.
  2. Input the Username of the Control Center user account in the first Filter field and click its radio button to select it.
  3. Locate the applicable Storage Group in the table. (You can type its name in this Filter field to limit results.)
  4. Click in the associated Upload Account field and select the applicable account. (Only accounts that have had File Manager enabled as an Access Method are revealed.)
  5. Repeat steps 3 - 4 to add access for more storage groups.
  6. Click Update Access.