The "site extname" [on | off] extension

With this command set to on, you can include the settime, chksize and chkhash extensions in a single upload (“ put”) command to issue them simultaneously.

ftp> quote "site extname on"
200 Name extensions scaning turned on

Once enabled, issue the put command and include these values in the call:

ftp> put \files\,20171025120001,217048,0123ab456789

The following usage rules apply:

  • Use the standard “ put” command method to call out the desired file for upload. Include the full path and filename.
  • Reference the filename a second time. After you specify the full path and filename for the target upload, include a whitespace followed by a second instance of the target filename.
  • The values must follow a specific order, and they cannot be used standalone. The settime value must be first, followed by the chksize value and finally, the chkhash value. You cannot use one or two of these values, you must use all three. If you use them standalone, the file will upload, but will be renamed to include the orphaned value (for example, “,<settime value>”).
  • Separate the repeat file name and each extension value with a comma. Ensure that there are no whitespaces between each.
  • Do not include “site” or the extension name. You only need to include the value to be applied for the settime , chksize and chkhash.
  • The values input for both the chksize and chkhash must be accurate. If either value is incorrect, an error will be displayed, and the upload will fail.
    CAUTION: Even though the closing message reads as if the upload succeeded, if there is an error in either of these values, the upload will fail.
    • Bad chksizeexample:
      ftp> put \files\,20171025121500,
      200 PORT command successful
      150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for,20171025121500,210000,0123ab456789c012345d6ef7890g12h3
      550,20171025121500,210000,20171025121500,210000: Size mismatch detected (spec:210000 vs upld:217048)
      ftp: 217048 bytes sent in 0.32Seconds 689.04Kbytes/sec.
    • Bad chkhashexample:
      ftp> put \files\,20171025121500,217048,
      200 PORT command successful
      150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for,20171025121500,
      550,20171025121500,210000,20171025121500,217048,abc123: Hash mismatch detected
      ftp: 217048 bytes sent in 0.32Seconds 689.04Kbytes/sec.