SSH key troubleshooting

Observe these considerations if you have trouble using secure access with NetStorage:

  • New keys recently uploaded to NetStorage take time to propagate to the global network. Check Control Center for this user account to see if changes have been fully propagated.
  • Verify the key uploaded to NetStorage is your public key and not the private key.
  • Make sure there are no line breaks in the key.
  • SSH Protocol 1 keys are not supported.
  • The “” format of a key is not supported.
  • SSH Tunnels are not supported.
  • Keys cannot be longer than 1000 characters.
  • If you set up a Key Passphrase for your SSH key, don’t forget it. There is no way to recover a lost key passphrase. You’ll need to create a new SSH key and repeat this process.
  • Try again with debug enabled. This is commonly enabled using the -v option with OpenSSH tools.
  • When trying to securely access NetStorage, the problem might not be with the key:
    • You may need to use the fixed user name "sshacs," not your upload account name.
    • When using ssh to access the Content Management Shell, use an SSH cmd of "cms".