Set up the Aspera Client application

You need to create a “Connection” in the Aspera Client UI.

  1. If necessary, launch the Aspera Client:
    • Linux (Debian/RedHat) - From a Terminal Session, issue the command, $ asperascp .
    • Mac OSX - Navigate to Macintosh HD > Applications > Aspera Client.
    • Microsoft Windows - Select Start Menu > All Programs > Aspera > Client > Client, and input appropriate Administrator login credentials.
  2. Click the Connections button.
  3. At the top of the Connection Manager interface, click the "" button to create a new connection.
  4. We recommend that you click New Connection to rename it to something unique and easy to recognize. For example, you could use "NetStorage Aspera <CP Code>"
  5. Ensure that the Connection tab is selected and define the following:
    • Host: This is the ASPERA Domain Name for the storage group you're looking to access.
    • User: You must input sshacs in this field. (Do not input your Control Center user login.)
    • Authentication: Click the Public Key radio button and perform the following to configure the SSH Key for use:
      1. Click the Manage Keys... button
      2. In the interface that is revealed, accessible “Private” keys will be revealed. The one you created earlier using this UI (as recommended) is revealed. Click to select it.
      3. The “Public” instance of the key will be displayed. Click the Close button to continue.
    • Storage Type: Select Akamai NetStorage.
    • Target Directory: This is where content will be uploaded in NetStorage. Input the complete path to the desired directory, including the CP code root. This can be any existing subdirectory that is accessible to the upload account.
Note: If you are using Aspera Upload Acceleration with a related component in Control Center, see Working with Related Akamai Products for guidelines on setup for this environment.
Setting configuration options for a Connection in the Aspera Client