ObjectStore usage restrictions with FTP

ObjectStore has a different directory structure and has an impact with different operations.

When using FTP to interact with an ObjectStore storage group, the following limitations apply:

  • Understand the ObjectStore Directory Structure. If you are managing NetStorage operations with FTP in an ObjectStore-version storage group, it is recommended that you have an understanding of how files and directories work in this environment. This is discussed in detail in the NetStorage: Guidelines and Best Practices for ObjectStore.
  • “mkdir” Operations are Restricted to Existing Directory Trees: Previously, it was possible to use this command and include a non-existent directory within its path, and have that directory automatically created. For example if the path “/123456/files/non-existent/new-directory” was provided, and the sub-directory “non-existent” didn’t actually exist, it would be automatically created, as well as all of the child subdirectories named in the path. New directories via mkdirmust be created off of existing paths.
  • Files and Sub-directories Using the Same Name Cannot Exist in the Same Parent Directory: For example, a file that is explicitly named movie (with no file extension--possibly a symlink) cannot exist in the same parent directory as a subdirectory named movie. While ObjectStore back-end flexibility currently allows for this condition, it can lead to confusion and non-standard presentation of the FTP protocol, as is generally practiced.
  • A Slight Impact to File Creation Speed may Occur with Large Lists of Small Files: This is due to additional stat requests that are performed by the back end to ensure posix compliance.