How to enable Serve from Zip

The Serve from Zip functionality must be enabled on a per-upload directory basis for each applicable storage group.

Enable Serve from Zip with these methods

NetStorage UI
  1. Open the application. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage.
  2. Create or edit a storage group.
  3. Enable the Serve From Zip option in the Upload Directories section.

NetStorage Configuration API

Set the serveFromZip member to true for your intended storage group and upload directory (cpcodeId).

Example: See the NetStorage Configuration API for full configuration details.

    "contractId": "5-555V556",
    "storageGroupName": "aka_storage",
    "domainPrefix": "akastorage",
    "cpcodes": [
            "cpcodeId": "456789",
            "serveFromZip": true