How to use quick-delete for NetStorage

A "quick-delete" allows you to target a specific directory in a storage group and recursively delete all of its contents in a swift manner. It's supported for use with multiple NetStorage utilities.

  • The Content Management (CM) Shell: Support is available via these commands:
    • rm -r
    • rmdir --quick_delete=imreallyreallysure
  • The NetStorage Usage API: Support is available via the "quick-delete" action.

How do I enable quick-delete?

Quick Delete must be enabled using Control Center. This is performed when creating or editing a storage group. It's available in the ADVANCED OPTIONS settings for an Upload Directory.

Note: Once enabled, quick-delete is available with both the CMShell and NetStorage Usage API.

Usage information

This table lists the methods to perform a quick-delete. It includes what's supported, and the time the operation may take..

Note: This table is for quick reference purposes only. Detailed information on the use of these commands/calls (including requirements and monitoring) are discussed in the relevant guide: See CMShell commands for a full list of CMShell options. For the API, see the NetStorage Usage API.
Protocol Operation "quick-delete" Enabled Time Required for the Command to Return Success 1 Extra Time Required Until Objects are no Longer Visible 1 Comments
CMShell rm -r No O(N) None The system commits to recursively delete each object in the target directory.
Yes2 O(1) O(N) / ~10 Scales the "Time Required for the Command to Return Success" similar to the standard version of rm -r (with "quick-delete" disabled). However, this method can be a magnitude faster in this respect because the per-object turnaround time seen with that instance of the call won't occur.
rmdir Either O(1) None The target directory must be empty, otherwise an error will occur.
rmdir --quick-delete=imreallyreallysure No N/A N/A This is not supported without "quick-delete" enabled.
Yes O(1) O(N) / ~10 The command will return an instantaneous response, and the deletion will take place in the background. This will have the same result seen when using rm -r (with "quick-delete" enabled).
NetStorage Usage API action=quick-delete



-- -- -- This action will perform the same, and require the same amount of time as the "rmdir --quick_delete=imreallyreallysure" command examples discussed above.

Learn more

NetStorage Usage API - The "quick-delete" action (NS4)

1 Big-O notation is used to describe the execution time required for a quick-delete. The variable "N" in each Big-O notation represents the number of objects beneath the directory targeted by the quick-delete. In the examples above, “O(1)” indicates that time is unrelated to the number of objects; “O(N)” indicates that the time is proportional to the number of objects; and “O(N)/~10” is also proportional, but approximately 10 times faster.
2 To use in conjunction with -f, quick-delete must be enabled.