Upload overview

NetStorage supports the use of various protocols and services to upload content to your storage groups.

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): NetStorage supports the FTP protocol and command set as outlined in RFC 959, with some logical omissions and proprietary augmentations .
  • Rsync: NetStorage supports most of the normal command set for Non-secure Rsync (Password) and Secure Rsync, with some exceptions regarding unsupported features. This includes features such as in-place file modification, hard links, and scratch directory creation.
  • HTTP: NetStorage supports some HTTP-based features for depositing and managing content. This is accomplished using the NetStorage HTTP API. Its usage requirements differ from what is discussed here, and are fully discussed in the NetStorage Usage API.
  • Secure Shell (SSH)-based Access
    • Secure Copy Program (SCP): NetStorage supports the normal command set for SCP to perform uploads.
    • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): NetStorage supports SFTP access using several clients, including OpenSSH, PuTTY, and WinSCP.
    • Secure Rsync: This is discussed in the composite point for Rsync, above.
    • The Content Management Shell (CMShell): CMShell is a proprietary shell-like interface that allows content providers to manage NetStorage content in a secure environment.
    • Aspera Upload Acceleration: NetStorage offers support for the Aspera® Client application, which can dramatically accelerate upload times. This support requires that you have "Aspera Upload Acceleration" on your contract. Contact your account representative for details.
    • Site Snapshot Tool (SST): SST is a proprietary tool primarily used as a flexible failover solution to automate the process of downloading content from an enterprise by pulling static files from a content provider’s web site origin to a failover site.