Welcome to the NetStorage User Guide


NetStorage is a managed product that provides persistent, replicated storage of your content, including images, streaming media files, software, documents, and other digital objects. By mirroring content to a small number of core network locations, content is highly available and easily accessible to our Edge servers. This makes NetStorage a great compliment to our delivery products.

The scope of this document

This document discusses the actual use of NetStorage to manage your content. It covers various operations including the upload, download, deletion, movement and renaming of your content using supported secure and non-secure protocols.

Additional resources:

  • NetStorage - Configuration Guide: This guide covers the creation, management, and administration of your NetStorage configuration. It covers storage group and upload account configuration in detail.
  • NetStorage - Guidelines and Best Practices for ObjectStore: Guidance and technical limits for configuring and using NetStorage.
  • Details of integration with companion products: Once your media is uploaded to a NetStorage storage group, you can use a host of related products to interact with it to meet your needs. You will need to consult the relevant product's documentation for details on these requirements.