Performing a “quick-delete”

A quick-delete allows you to target a specific directory in a storage group to swiftly and recursively delete all of its contents.

Considerations for use

  • Quick-delete needs to be activated before it's used.
  • You use quick-delete with CMShell and the NetStorage Usage API

Quick-delete with ObjectStore

To perform a quick-delete with an ObjectStore storage group, you can use either the "rmdir" command or the"rm" command with the following options:

  • rmdir: rmdir --quick_delete=imreallyreallysure <path>
  • rm: rm -r
CAUTION: Once used, these operations will perform a recursive deletion of all content in the target directory. Review your target content before use!

Activate “quick-delete” for your storage group

The quick-delete setting is disabled by default to protect against inadvertent deletions of potentially unknown content. This setting is enabled in Control Center, on a per-storage group basis. It can be enabled during creation of a group or by editing an existing one.

The Quick Delete switch button is available in the “Upload Directories” settings for a Storage Group
Note: Accessing "quick-delete" via CMShell and the NetStorage Usage API are both configured here.

Considerations when using quick-delete

Review these points before enabling and using quick-delete:
  • Newly uploaded content will not be deleted. If you have targeted a file with a quick-delete that hasn’t been deleted yet, and you upload a new version of the file that overwrites it, this new version will not be deleted.
  • This feature is designed for large deletes. While it can be used to perform a recursive delete of any number of files, it is actually meant to be used when you have millions of objects to delete. You will see the best performance in this case.
  • The rmdir and rm -r options are the same with ObjectStore: Both methods can be used to perform a quick-delete in ObjectStore.
  • Quick delete must be activated.
  • The actual deletion may take some time: The actual deletion occurs in the background with ObjectStore storage groups. If a large number of files have been targeted, the deletions may take a significant amount of time to complete.
  • Objects targeted for quick delete may still be accessible. Taking the previous point into consideration, a targeted file or directory will exist until the deletion of that object can fully complete. Until the actual delete, it will still be accessible, and served if requested.
  • Currently, there is no alert that a quick-delete has completed. Quick deletes take time, and this may be an issue. You can use the “du” command or the “ls” command to view directories to check status.
  • “undeletion” is not supported. When performing a quick-delete from an ObjectStore storage group, targeted content cannot be recovered. Once issued, content will be permanently removed.