Two-factor Authentication

ObjectStore offers support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), in which you generate an additional Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) for increased security during login.

Configuration of 2FA is available only with the NetStorage Configuration API. After 2FA has been configured, users will provide these during login:

  • User: The “Username”
  • Pass: One of two iterations of the “FTP Password”, depending on the Upload Account’s setting for 2FA:
    • 2FA Disabled - The FTP password, only.
    • 2FA Enabled - Provide the FTP password followed by a period (“.”) and the TOTP (e.g., <FTP password>.<TOTP>).
Note: 2FA can be enabled for an upload account with a status of “OPTIONAL”. With this status, the user can provide the FTP password with the TOTP appended to it, or just the FTP password to gain access.

Contact your account representative for assistance in setting up Two-factor Authentication.