NetStorage access considerations and related operations

Storage group directory access

Directory access is established on a per-upload account basis using Control Center. You configure which directories in a specific storage group are accessible to each individual upload account and which directory is that upload account’s default directory. Upload account creation and administration is discussed in the NetStorage - Configuration Guide.

What is my default root directory?

By default, the root directory in any NetStorage storage group is typically named “/<######>” (or is a subdirectory of /<######>), where “<######>” is a Content Provider code (CP code) assigned to you by contract. For example, if the CP code associated with your upload account is “123456”, your root directory would be “/123456”.

Limiting access to content

By default, access to NetStorage content is limited to the upload accounts you create and all Edge servers. If desired, you can restrict access by selecting from various levels of Download Security. (For example, you can limit access only to requests from streaming Edge servers or require resolution of G2O encryption before allowing access.) Download Security is configured via Control Center and is covered in the NetStorage - Configuration Guide.

Can I purge content?

You can set up an Automatic Purge Routine for directories and sub-directories in a storage group. Once set up, the purge will target files that are older than a specified number of days, but only when the directory in which they reside reaches a specified number of bytes in size.

Complete details on configuration of an Automatic Purge Routine are discussed in the NetStorage - Configuration Guide.

Reports for upload and download

NetStorage provides reporting of operations and usage. This is provided via the Reports application available in theControl Center.

See the NetStorage Reports User Guide for detailed usage.