Using OpenSSH as an SFTP client

If you are using OpenSSH, you should also meet these requirements.

  • OpenSSH version 6.7 (or later) - For multi-threading and higher window sizes. (See additional information on the OpenSSH.)
  • High Performance Network Patches (Recommended) - These patches are applied to remove a networking bottleneck that exists in the base OpenSSH code. Additional details are available via an FAQ.
  • Is the client CPU maxing out? This is unlikely if you are using a wide-area network, but if it does happen, you can use the multi-threaded AES-CTR cipher if that meets your security needs. (This is discussed in the FAQ above.)

Incorporating the “Private Key”

Consult the relevant OpenSSH documentation for details on incorporating the “Private key” file associated with the SSH key applied to the NetStorage upload account in use.

Example SFTP connection

This example uses the OpenSSH sftp client from the command-line:

#> sftp
Connected to

OpenSSH Documentation

User documentation for OpenSSH is available at the following URL: