Let's access a Storage Group

Identify your domain name prefix, and choose between secure or non-secure access methods.

You need to use your Domain Name to log in

A “Domain Name” for a storage group is the name of an origin domain in which you house and manage content, and it used in requests to access the group. Multiple domain names exist for a single storage group and each is used to access the group in a specific way. Domain names are automatically generated along with the creation of a storage group.

You provide the Domain Name prefix

When establishing a storage group, you provide us with a value to serve as a prefix for your domain names. (This is in place to make your domain names uniquely yours.) For example, if you provide the value “example,” the following domain names would be established for use in accessing the group:

  • For upload use (The "Upload Domain Name"): Get familiar with the upload domains for ObjectStore storage groups.
  • For access to the NetStorage HTTP API (Optional): http://example-nsu.akamaihd.net
Domain Name prefix value requirements

These rules apply to the prefix value:

  • Special characters are not supported. Only alphanumeric characters ("a-z", "0-9") and the hyphen ("-") can be used.
  • Uppercase characters are not supported. All alphabetic characters used in a domain name must be in lowercase.
CAUTION: This value cannot be edited after a storage group is created. Ensure that the prefix you choose is the one you wish to use with a storage group.
What's the difference between the Storage Group Name and the Domain Name?

When setting up a storage group, you define both of these values, you should understand the difference between the two:

  • The Storage Group Name: This is simply a value you apply to the group to identify it in the UI.
  • The Domain Name: This is actually a prefix value that you define (the "Domain Name prefix") that is prepended to unique domain name(s) you use to access the storage group.

You can use the same value for both your Storage Group Name and Domain Name (prefix), and this is a common practice. However, both must meet the value requirements discussed above.

How to view upload domain names

Follow these steps to view the domain names assigned to your storage group:
  1. If necessary, select the Storage Groups entity.
  2. Locate the applicable storage group in the table. (If you know it, you can type its name in the Filter field to limit results in this table.)
  3. Click it to reveal it in Detail View.
  4. Look in the Storage Group Details content panel to see its specific domain names.

You also need your username

With your domain name prefix noted, you also need the username associated with an upload account that has been set up to access the target storage group. You use this value along with your domain name to serve as your login.

Secure Access

You need to configure your upload account for secure access to NetStorage before you use secure access methods. All secure access methods use sshacs as the secure login username. For example, if your domain name prefix is baseball and your access method is SFTP, you combine these values to create connection string:

Non-secure access method username

Your upload account “Id” is the username for non-secure access methods. Combine your username and domain name prefix with the upload domain name that matches your connection method.

In this example, we use these values to create a connection string for FTP:
  • Id: player_17
  • Domain name prefix: baseball
  • Upload domain name for FTP: .ftp.upload.akamai.com