Aspera Upload Acceleration

This client quickly transfers content from your local system to NetStorage using Asperasoft's accelerated transfer protocol, “FASP.”

Aspera Upload Acceleration (Aspera) utilizes a high-speed, third-party client (the "Aspera Client") that has been developed for Akamai by Asperasoft. This protocol consists of two channels:

  • Control Channel: This channel grants access to the Aspera binary via an SSH connection.
  • Transfer Channel. This channel conducts the transfer via a negotiated port (encrypted or unencrypted) using Aspera's UDP-based protocol.

FASP offers fairness along with significant performance enhancements when compared to NetStorage's traditional access methods. (For example, it is faster than uploads performed via SFTP, SCP and FTP.)

Note: Aspera is only supported for use with uploads to NetStorage. Downloading and all other management operations are not supported via Aspera.

Aspera is fast... How fast?

While Aspera offers upload rates that are considerably faster than the standard NetStorage-supported protocols (FTP, SCP, Rsync, etc.), a specific number can not be quantified. There is a large variance in terms of what various customers are seeing from an upload performance perspective utilizing a standard NetStorage-supported protocol.

From testing, Aspera has outperformed standard protocols, in all cases. However, it's not safe to assume that it will always be “X times faster” than what you're already seeing with another protocol.

What's the upload domain for this access method?

Each NetStorage access method has an optimized upload domain. Use <Domain name prefix> for Aspera uploads.