The Aspera APIs

Asperasoft makes several APIs available for use via their Clients.

For proper usage instructions, see Asperasoft's website to access the appropriate documentation:

Question Answer
Which Aspera API's are supported? NetStorage supports the Aspera APIs used by the following:
  • Aspera Secure Copy (ASCP) - Predominantly, this applies to direct calls to perform various operations such as upload/download and mkdir.

  • Aspera Command (ASCMD) - This is used by the Aspera GUI clients in order to preform operations such as mkdir, dir, etc.

If the “NODE API” (Aspera's HTTPS REST-ful interface) differs from those above, then it is not supported.

If you are incorporating the Aspera Server package, it offers two different “interfaces” - SSH and HTTPS-based. Only the SSH version is supported for use with NetStorage. To perform file and directory operations such as deleting files, the Aspera SDK has an SSH-based client library called the “commands client” (Java, C++, .NET), which can be used instead of the NODE API.