ObjectStore storage groups

The basic unit of storage in NetStorage is called a “storage group.” ObjectStore, as the name implies, uses an “object store” data storage scheme to provide a more scalable, high-performance storage platform via proprietary databases, rather than utilizing a traditional file system. This eliminates the need for elaborate data storage hardware, and streamlines your content storage.

A replicated HTTP object store is used to persistently store media content that originates in a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It supports file ingest from Content Management Systems via multiple ingest protocols and originates that content for both linear and video on demand applications. In essence, ObjectStore provides the root of the CDN hierarchy, and it services cache misses from multiple CDN caching tiers, downstream. ObjectStore is based on standard HTTP delivery and it offers a scale-out architecture for redundancy and storage expansion. In it, several nodes are interconnected to form a common storage cluster with a single, virtualized namespace.

This documentation covers the use of the NetStorage Groups UI in the Akamai Control Center for configuration.

Access NetStorage Groups

  1. Open the application. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage.