You can edit an existing Upload Account

This account must already be configured to access the noted upload directory (CP code root). You only edit it to enable Aspera Upload Acceleration.

How to

  1. Access the Upload Accounts entity.
  2. Locate the CP code root you've noted in the Upload Directory column. (You can input the CP Code in the Filter field to limit entries in this table.)
  3. Click the Edit () icon in the Actions column.
  4. Scroll down to the Access Methods content panel and select the SSH and Aspera tab.
  5. Perform the operations discussed in Generate an SSH Key and enable Aspera.
  6. Review what's discussed in Verify account status and gather information.
  7. Perform all of the steps discussed in Set up the Aspera Client application. Ensure that you input the full path to the desired directory in the Target Directory field. For example, using the example above, you would input /123456/My_Watch_Folders/wf_09_2017 in this field.

What you should see

Once complete, you can open this "Connection" in the Aspera Client and upload directly to the desired directory.