The “rmdir” command

Use this command to delete empty directories.

Include one or more instances of the “<DIRECTORY>” variable (separating each with a whitespace), and set each to the complete path to the directory to be removed.

Note: Targeted directories must be empty to use this command. To remove a directory and all of its contents, you must enable and incorporate the --quick_delete=imreallyreallysure <path> option.


In this example, two empty directories are targeted for removal:

rmdir /123456/test/secondary/storage 123456/test/tertiary

Available Options

The “<OPTION>” variable displayed in the above example can be populated with any of the following options:

Option Description
-v, --verbose Display the operation’s execution step by step.
-h, --help Display help information for this command.
--quick_delete=imreallyreallysure1 Remove a directory and all of its contents.
1 Quick-delete must be activated.