Using WinSCP as an SFTP client

SFTP provides opendir/readdir/closedir interfaces, which are suitable for browsing support.

You can use WinSCP as an SFTP client. The popular OpenSSH and PuTTY SFTP clients provide rudimentary filesystem browsing support, but WinSCP, an open-source SCP/SFTP client, offers a graphical user interface.

WinSCP requirements for SFTP

NetStorage only supports the SFTP backend protocol. Specific requirements apply to the use/configuration of WinSCP:

  • SFTP Backend Protocol, Only: Configure WinSCP to use the SFTP backend protocol.
  • Enable transfer resume: Set to this option to Disable.
Attention: The “Allow SCP fallback” option in WinSCP will not work with NetStorage.

WinSCP user documentation

As of the release of this document, detailed user documentation for the most recent version of the WinSCP interface could be found at this URL: