Set up the proper login configuration

WinSCP requires a very specific configuration in order to use SFTP with NetStorage.

How to

  1. Launch WinSCP.
  2. In the WinSCP Login window, click “Session” in the tree, and set the options as follows (leaving all other options set at their default):
    • File protocol - Set to “SFTP”
    • Host name - Enter your NetStorage host name (e.g., ).
    • User name - Enter “sshacs” (minus the quotes -- “ ”).
    • Private key file - Depending on your desired method of incorporating the Private Key file (as outlined in Using the “Pageant” Agent vs. Direct Configuration in WinSCP), perform either of the following:
      • Using Direct Configuration - Click the “...” button to navigate to, and select the Private key file on your local system.
      • Using Pageant - Leave this field blank.
  3. Click “Directories” in the tree (below “Environment”), and set the following options as follows (and leave all others at their default):
    • Remote directory - Enter the complete path to your NetStorage working directory. This is what you have configured as the “Default Directory” for the upload account in use. (This value can be viewed in the NetStorage:Configuration tool in Control Center by viewing the applicable upload account.)
    • Local directory - Enter the complete path to the directory on your local machine from which you would like to begin your SFTP session.
  4. Click “SSH” in the tree, and set the Preferred SSH protocol version to either “2” or “2 only”. Leave all other options here at their default.
  5. If desired, click the Save... button to save the Login Configuration for future use. (This way, when you access this interface in the future, you just select the Login Configuration from Stored Sessions page.)
  6. You can now login. However, depending on which method you applied to incorporate the private key file (as outlined in Using the “Pageant” Agent vs. Direct Configuration in WinSCP), you will need to take the following into consideration:
    • Using Direct Configuration. Click the Login button. You will be prompted to input the associated Passphrase.
    • Using Pageant. If you are using Pageant, you will need to perform the steps outlined in Pageant method before clicking the Login button, otherwise the login attempt will fail.

      With everything properly configured, WinSCP will start and your SFTP session will begin.