You should test using the Production hostname

Depending on your content, you can complete all testing by using the production hostname of your content or application, without affecting live end users. (And, we recommend this practice.)

Do this by changing the “hosts” file on a local computer to point your web site/application hostname(s) to an IP address of an Edge server. The hosts file controls the DNS resolution of the browser and overrides production DNS records.

Where is my hosts file?

Based on your operating system, you may be able to find your host file as follows:

  • MacOS: Navigate to /etc/hosts
  • UNIX/Linux: Navigate to /etc/hosts
  • Windows: Navigate to \system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Note: The above paths are only examples of where this file might be found. Please see the relevant user documentation for the appropriate location of the Hosts file for your selected operating system.

Where can I get an Edge Server IP address?

You can resolve an Edge Hostname using any command-line DNS resolution tool such as “nslookup”, “dig”, or any web-based IP lookup tool.

For example, if you resolve an Edge Hostname that we've provided to you——you might obtain the following resolution: IN CNAME 20 IN A 20 IN A

The two IP addresses in the resolution are Edge servers, and you can use either of them for testing.