Add Cloud Access Manager

Use Cloud Access Manager to securely store and manage your cloud origin credentials in the form of access keys.

What is Cloud Access Manager?

Cloud Access Manager (CAM) offers an interface via the Akamai Control Center that you use to manage your cloud origin credentials. CAM serves as an interconnection between the Akamai Intelligent Platform and a cloud provider, and it lets you:
  • Reference access keys in multiple products and properties within your account.
  • Version your access keys and update the authentication credentials stored in them.
  • Rotate access keys used by your OD properties.

Supported providers

CAM supports cloud origin authentication for these providers:

Set up Cloud Access Manager

Important: Once Cloud Access Manager is enabled, the secret access key is encrypted and will not be visible to anyone, including Akamai. This may affect the way Akamai works with you to troubleshoot issues.

To start, there are a few administrative tasks you need to perform. You follow this by using a combination of settings in the Origin Server and Origin Characteristics behaviors in your OD property to set it up. The process follows these steps:

  1. Manage permissions to Cloud Access Manager.
  2. Get authentication details from your cloud provider.
  3. Create an access key in Cloud Access Manager.
  4. Configure your OD property.

There's also an API

Akamai offers a full-function API you can use to set up and manage CAM. See the Cloud Access Manager API v1 documentation for complete details.