How to implement Standard Transport Layer Security

What is Standard TLS?

Standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) offers HTTPS delivery on branded certificates at no additional cost to you. Customer certificate private keys are protected by cryptoservers that are caged. Standard TLS supports Server Name Indication (SNI)-only certificates, and includes one free DV SAN SNI certificate for use.

While it is not FedRAMP or PCI compliant, it is Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and International Standards Organization (ISO) compliant.

Note: We also offer Enhanced TLS delivery (Akamai Secure Content Delivery (ESSL)), via a premium, brand-specific certificate. As a premium service, it requires a cost to offset physical security, 24/7 video monitoring, and managing regulatory compliance (PCI DSS). Contact your Account Representative for more information.

How do I get access to Standard TLS?

You need to have this added to your contract to access the appropriate behavior in Property Manager. Contact your Account Representative to add this functionality.