Test your OD property configuration

Thorough testing of your application delivery from the Edge network is required for every application.

One purpose of testing is to make sure that all existing content functionality is preserved. Another key task is to check the configuration, because incorrect configuration settings can break various functions on your site or application. Additionally, Object Delivery should increase the performance and availability of your content; testing provides a baseline for the increased performance and to test against settings that might yield further gains.

Note: If you have existing testing procedures for application and content releases, you should follow them when testing Edge network content delivery.

The test plan you use should at least accomplish the following:

  • View images and download files (Flash, PDF, etc.)
  • View pages in normal formatting (application of style sheets)
  • Perform critical and common functions on the site, such as search, login, registration and posting
  • Recreate functions and transactions that a typical end-user would perform