Add Enhanced Proxy Detection

Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) lets you use services provided by our data provider, GeoGuard to apply proxy detection and location spoofing protection.

For example, you can set up the Enhanced Proxy Detection with GeoGuard behavior to identify requests for your content that have been redirected from an unwanted source via a proxy. You can then allow, deny, or redirect these requests.

You should use "Best Practices" mode

This is the Configuration Mode Akamai recommends. Select it to automatically apply the primary categories GeoGuard identifies as essential for proxy detection, then set the desired Action.

You can customize using "Advanced" mode

Set this as your Configuration Mode if you're looking to customize GeoGuard categories individually to meet your specific needs, and set a specific Action for each.

Important: GeoGuard maintains a list of several "must have" and "optional" categories on their website, and this behavior leverages from this list. In Advanced mode, the "must have" categories need to be set to "On" to ensure basic protection. If you deviate from this, Akamai can't promise proper proxy detection protection.

Detailed usage instructions

EPD is available for use with several Akamai products, and its configuration is the same for all of them. See the Property Manager documentation for full usage instructions.