Content Provider Code and OD

Content Provider (CP) codes are numeric IDs assigned to client requests in your configuration. These codes are used to identify your content for billing, logging, reporting, and cache purging. This is a required behavior.

Your Akamai account representative assigns you a CP code for use with OD, typically during initial setup. To set the CP code for this behavior, perform either of the following:

  • Click the Content Provider Code field. A drop-down shows a list of CP codes that have already been configured for use with OD, and are available to the user account that's currently logged in to Control Center.
  • Click Create new... If your ​Control Center​ account has access to do so, you'll see this button in the behavior. Click it to create a new CP code. The default name for the new code is what you've set for your OD Property Name, but you can change it if you want. A new CP code may take upwards of two hours to propagate to our network. You'll have to wait for it to finish before you can save your OD property, and go on to test and activate it.
Note: If you get an error when selecting an existing CP code, are told you have no more CP codes available when you click the Create new... button, or you don't have access to that button, contact your local ​Akamai​ administrator or your ​Akamai account representative for help creating a new code.