You should test HTTPS

Before you go live and start serving traffic through the Akamai production network, it's a good idea to activate all applicable components on the Akamai edge staging network (commonly referred to as staging), point your browser to an Edge server, and test.

Note: Staging is a network of Edge servers that are used for testing configurations rather than performance.

To test both connections, you should make an HTTPS request to an Akamai Edge server for your site. You should request a URL that is uncacheable, or has a stale cache. This triggers an HTTPS request to your origin server to retrieve the actual content.

You need to push your property to the Staging network

This is the property you created in Property Manager Editor to deliver your website or content via the Akamai platform. (You set up a "Property hostname to Edge hostname association" in this property and selected an Enhanced TLS or Standard TLS certificate for the association.)