Define your Origin Server in your property file

The Origin Server behavior is included in a property file, and it offers a host of required and optional settings that you set to handle HTTPS connections between the Edge server and your origin.

Note: There are several other behaviors you must configure in your property file (and additional rules, with some Akamai products). These are not discussed here. Information on them can be found in the Property Manager Editor online help, or the applicable product's user documentation.

The Origin Server behavior is automatically included in the Default Rule for a property file. You can set up your origin server here, so that it applies to all requests for this property, or you can include it in another rule, lower in the property. Rules lower in a property take precedence over the Default Rule. (So, you could define specific match criteria in a separate rule that must be met to access a specific origin server via HTTPS.)

How do I configure this behavior for HTTPS?

To start, set the Origin Type to Your Origin.

For the most part, you can use the instructions offered in the Property Manager user documentation to configure the Origin Server behavior, and apply necessary settings for HTTPS. (Begin with the topic, I selected "Your Origin".) However, you should also review your Forward Host Header, SNI TLS extension, and verification settings.