Check that the object exists on the origin server

For an Akamai edge server to retrieve an object, it must be present on the origin server. Note that for multiple origin servers, the object must be present on all of them.

How to

  1. Locate the absolute URL portion of the ARL. To learn how, check ARL syntax.
  2. Request the object from the Akamai server by using the ARL and the absolute URL. Use the Request Content (CURL) tool.
    • If you get a 404 response, the object is not on the origin server.
    • If you see the object, go to the next step.
  3. Find the IP of the end user's origin server by doing a hostname lookup of the origin domain. Use the Get Domain Details (DIG) tool.
    • If you receive only one IP address, make multiple requests for the absolute URL using the Request Content (CURL) tool.
      Tip: In case of multiple origin servers behind a single balancer, make sure you make multiple requests.
    • If you receive multiple IP addresses, use Request Content (CURL) to request the object from each of the origin servers.
    Important: Sometimes the origin server may serve a custom error page in place of the missing content. If the status code of the custom error page is not a 404, the Akamai edge server thinks that the custom error page is actually the object.